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Establish a Plan

During the initial steps in our process, we sit down and discuss ideas with our clients in order to establish their needs. Often times, we will rough out bubble diagrams as a visual aid. This process helps us get started with a project at its most basic level.


Schematic Design


In this step we process the ideas and data from the previous step in order to form initial floor plans and elevations. These tend to be loose hand or computer drawings that can easily be adjusted and tweaked. On occasion, we will use a massing model that is focused on form versus materials.

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Design Development


During this phase, the floor plans are tightened up and we begin to figure out how everything will work by integrating structural and mechanical elements into the project.

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Construction Documents


These are the documents we produce for the contractor to build from. These documents consist of plans, elevations, and details of all different disciplines; anything from structural to electrical elements.

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Bidding & Negotiations


This is the question and answer period that we have with the contractors that have been selected. Each one makes a bid on the price. We help owners quantify and evaluate different bids to choose the best contractor for the project.

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Construction Observation


This is the fun part where your masterpiece comes to life! As your home or building comes together, we oversee the building process to ensure the contractors are following the intent of the documents.

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Move In


This is the step where you take over the space. Whether it's your home or business, you get to start using the space for its intended purpose!

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Supplemental Services


After your home or building is finished, we can still assist you. Some businesses like to have digital renderings of their building for marketing purposes. If, in the future you would like to make changes to your home or business, we provide supplemental services that could include an addition to your building or property.